Ben Simpson: Public Speaker

Freelance Public Speaker On The Topic Of Autism and Mental Health.

Ben Simpson is a 24 year old diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Ben goes around the country, charity to charity and gives talks, speeches and Q&A's on what living with the condition is like on a day to day basis. His talks provide a personal account of Autism to carers and parents of people dealing with the condition.  


Topics I cover

  • Hypersensitivity
  • Focus and Obsessions
  • Comfort and Routine
  • Social Anxiety
  • False Perceptions
  • Diet and Mental Health

Who I have spoken for - 

  • BBC Radio Manchester
  •  Space4Autism
  • Macclesfield General Hospital
  • Total People
  • Just Drop In
  • Pesto Restaurant Group.

My Aims

  •  To help give people a first person perspective of what living with Autism is like. 
  • To describe in detail why individuals with Autism behave and think in certain ways.
  • To help people empathise and understand Autism and therefore know how to help people with the condition through their lives.  
07401 852388 -
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